White Pine Trading Reaches Out to Consumers for Diamonds

White Pine Trading’s WPDiamonds.com launched its purchasing operation online that enables consumers to sell their diamonds. U.S. customers submit information about the diamond and/or jewelry online and receive an initial valuation from the company. Should the process continue, customers ship the items for a full valuation after which the company will extend an offer.

consumer diamondsEarly consumer feedback, during a testing phase of the business model, was positive and White Pine Trading will back the launch with an online marketing campaign to fuel growth, according to the firm.

Ben Burne, White Pine Trading’s chief executive, said, ”WPDiamonds.com has huge potential. We are confident we can offer customers industry leading capability, competence and excellent prices. The site is setup to attract individuals that want to release cash from their assets and we offer a quick and trustworthy service.”

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