Wedding and Engagement ring budget – How much do couples spend?

According to the Real Wedding Survey (by XO Group for and the, US customers spend 5 130 dollar on an engagement ring, which is 5 percent less in comparison with 2010. On the other hand, the survey that looked at the budget plans of 18 000 couples, revealed that the average wedding budgets are on the rise.

Wedding and engagement budgetPeople are definitely willing to spent more money on this special occasion! The average budget of US couples on their wedding is 27 021 dollar. One in five is even willing to pay more than 30 000 dollar, while 11% spent more than 40 000 dollar.

The average age of a woman to marry is 29, while man is one year older. Not surprisingly, the summer is the favored marriage season. In the US, September is the most popular month to marry, while december is the most popular to engage. The time between engagement and marriage varies according the US province.

Other trends are: the introduction of a professional wedding planner, earlier wedding planning, three-day weddings, casual weddings and semi-formal weddings. Purple seems to be the fastest-growing wedding colour and wedding cakes get more competition from cupcakes. Every wedding also seems to have its own website!

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