Trilliant Cut Diamond

The trilliant cut diamond is a triangle shaped diamond with either straight or curved sides. The design is a very shallow cut diamond which has been mainly used in pairs for use beside a centre set diamond. With the modern cutting techniques this design can now work exceptionally well as a large diamond with great sparkle and a massive spread for its weight. A choice for the very non traditional this diamond is rarely seen as a centre piece but proves great value for those wanting a diamond ring with a real difference.

Trilliant cut diamonds are a three sided diamond cut and another modification of the round brilliant cut diamond. Traditionally used as medium sized side diamonds to a central main diamond it has now become a great choice for those adventurous few people looking for an engagement ring with a real difference. This very shallow cut design often lacked sparkle but with new cutting techniques the trilliant cut diamond has plenty of light scintilation and has a huge spread for its size and a very attractive price tag.