Trans Hex Raises $23M From South Africa Rough Tenders

Trans Hex reported that sales of its South African rough diamond production reached $22.6 million (ZAR 180.6 million) during the three months ending in December. The company sold 20,270.74 carats for an average price of $1,116 per carat, which was 19 percent below the average price reported for the previous three month period ending in September.
Trans Hex added that the Somiluana Mine in Angola, in which the company owns a 33 percent stake, had sales of $4.2 million during October through December, with 8,538 carats selling for an average $488 per carat. The average price of the Somiluana output was $484 per carat during the six months to September 30.

Trans Hex is scheduled to host its next tender of South African production in February 2012, while Somiluana conducts monthly sales.

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