The Trilliant Diamond Shape

Diamonds are cut and formed into many shapes. You have round shape, princess cut, emerald cut, asscher cut, heart, oval and many more. One if these special shapes is the Trilliant diamond cut, or sometimes known as Trillion or Trielle cut. It’s a not so common cut for diamonds, however they have become very popular in the US recently.
Triangular shaped diamond

trilliant diamond shapeThe Trilliant diamond shape is cut with equal sides in a triangular shape. It usually contains 50 facets and is mostly cut from a rough diamond already in a triangular shape, so waste is kept to a minimal when cutting and shaping the diamond. This kind of rough diamond is also known as a “macle”.

The equal sides are sometimes rounded to give the diamond a more soft look. A Trilliant cut diamond is mostly used as a side diamond on a ring or necklace, however it can also be used as a central diamond to really catch the attention of others.

Trilliant cut diamonds are usually not very expensive, but this kind of diamond shape has become very popular in the US, so this increase in demand can have a severe impact on the price of these diamonds.

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