Syrian Minister Resigns And Joins Opposition

Syrian Minister Resigns and Joins Opposition
Syria’s deputy oil minister, Abdo Hussameddin, announced his resignation on a video posted in YouTube. Hussameddin, the highest political figure to abandon the government since the uprising in Syria erupted last year, denounced President Bashar al-Assad crackdown as ‘brutal’.

Japan Reports Record Current Account Deficit
Japan’s Finance Minister has reported a record current account deficit in January due to rising energy imports. The shortfall was $5.4 billion. Although the country’s economic recovery remains fragile, revised figures show the economy contracted less than had been estimated at the end of 2011.

Airbus Owner Reports Record Deliveries
European aerospace giant EADS has reported a net income of $836 million for 2011, up 87% from a year earlier, after delivering a record number of its Airbus aircraft to costumers. The company has delivered 534 commericial aircraft during the year.

Strong Solar Storm to hit Earth
A big solar storm is expected to hit Earth between 06:00 GMT and 10:00 GMT today. Experts warn the storm, the largest in five years, might disrupt power grids, satellite navigation and plane routes.

Armenia pulls out of the Eurovision Song Contest
The organizers of the Eurovision song contest say Armenia has pulled out of the 2012 show in Baku, Azerbaijan, due to new tensions with its old rival.

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