Stellar Expects Droujba Resource Estimate in March

Stellar DiamondsStellar Diamonds’ bulk sampling program at the Droujba kimberlite pipe in Guinea revealed 268.45 carats recovered to date, including larger stones of 13.80, 6.06, 3.75 and 2.90 carats. The program provided an initial diamond grade of 60 carats per hundred tonnes (cpht), but reprocessing of tailings are likely to increase the grade.

Stellar’s chief executive, Karl Smithson, said they are on track to deliver a maiden resource estimate on Droujba in March.

Of diamonds recovered to date, some 27 stones were larger than 1 carat, of which eight were larger than 2 carats. The company’s observation suggested the gem and near-gem qualities comprise approximately 33 percent of the diamond population with rejection and boart stones running about 67 percent. All the diamonds recovered will be exported to Antwerp for acid cleaning, grading and valuation.

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