Scio Diamond Touts Job Creation for South Carolina

Scio Diamond Technology Corporation will establish its new corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations in Greenville County, South Carolina, and operations are expected to generate 70 new jobs during the next five years, according to the announcement. Scio Diamond makes lab-grown diamonds through its patent-protected chemical deposition process.

Joseph Lancia, the president of Scio Diamond, said, ”We are pleased to move forward with plans to establish our home here in Greenville County. It was right here that we found the ideal balance of business-friendly climate, access to talent, entrepreneurial drive and exceptional quality of life. We expect that Greenville County will provide us with the perfect mix of ingredients for success.”

Scio Diamond

Scio Diamond will be remodeling a 9,300-square-foot section of the NEXT Innovation Center for its specialized needs. More than 6,000-square-feet will be dedicated to a secure manufacturing facility, providing sufficient space for 18 to 20 diamond growing reactors and other equipment. The facility plans to come online and into the growing and production process by second quarter of 2012, Lancia said.

Scio Diamond’s chief operating officer, Mike McMahon, said, “Our ability to manufacture diamonds that meet the needs of both the gemstone market and for industry in a wide range of verticals is very exciting. From medical equipment to manufacturing, advanced materials to water purification, the applications for Scio diamonds are perhaps limited only by our production capacity and our imaginations.”

The state of South Carolina provided the company with job development credits, which will be available when hiring targets are met. Included among the jobs to be filled by Scio Diamond are diamond growers, materials handlers, chemical engineers, as well as a range of corporate headquarters positions.

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