SCIO Diamond Secures Patent in Canada

SCIO Diamond Technology Corporation was issued its first Canadian patent (number 2511670), titled ”Tunable CVD Diamond Structures.” The patent relates to single crystal diamond grown in layers, wherein the layers of diamond are manipulated to create desired properties, according to the company. The finished product of multiple layers is called a “structure.” Diamonds grown in this manner can be adapted for use in applications such as semiconductor devices, optical waveguides and industrial applications and can have mechanical, tribological, and electronic properties comparable to, or exceeding those, of natural diamonds.

SCIO’s portfolio of intellectual property rights, which includes those from Apollo Diamond, is secured in five countries: U.S., India, China, Australia and Canada. The portfolio also contains 18 issued patents and more than 40 pending patents applications in the U.S, Europe, India, Japan and South Africa.

Joseph Lancia, the company president, said, “This notable development is an important step to ensure we remain at the forefront of cultivated diamond technology. We are very pleased with accomplishing this milestone.”

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