Sarin Launches Diamond Assay Service

Sarin Technologies Ltd. plans to offer a diamond assay service as an online subscription product that enables users to verify a polished diamond’s authenticity, geometric parameters and cut grade. Subscribers will first need to purchase the Sarin DiaScanTM S+ and pay a monthly subscription fee for the assay service based upon scope of use, with additional one-time charges for specific premium services such as printed reports and re-cut plans for optimal valuations.

Sarin has signed an initial agreement with the American Gem Society (AGS) to jointly promote the assay service. Uzi Levami, Sarin’s chief executive, added that the diamond assay service provides a unique service to diamond wholesalers, retailers and appraisers by which to evaluate the polished diamond that they are considering buying or selling.

”We are proud to launch this service in cooperation with the AGS as our lead sponsor, as this will expose the service to their members, who are among the leading retailers in the United States. In an industry in which billions of dollars worth of polished diamonds are bought back from consumers wishing to upgrade their jewelry, so called ‘recycled’ diamonds were estimated at $6 billion in 2010, we expect this service to be of significant importance to the retail trade in the U.S. and elsewhere, Levami said.

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