Sarin Launches Diamond Assay Service

Sarin Technologies Ltd., a world leader in the development, manufacturing and sale of technological equipment and decision-making software for the diamond, gem and jewelry industry and trade, announced that the company is launching its “Diamond Assay Service” (DAS) for jewelry retailers and wholesalers. The Diamond Assay Service is a web-based service that provides diamond wholesalers, jewelry retailers, appraisers and other users with a tool to buy, sell, evaluate diamonds, and to produce branded Cut reports and re-cutting evaluations of polished diamonds in a matter of minutes.

The Diamond Assay Service is a web-based subscription service that interfaces with the DiaScan S+, a compact, lightweight, plug & play mobile unit which connects through a USB port to any desktop or lap top computer. After logging in, the subscriber can measure a polished diamond’s current proportions and cut grade, estimate its potential value after re-cutting and display real-time pricing.

“The Diamond Assay Service is the ‘next generation’ tool to evaluate, buy, sell, and price diamonds. It gives every business the ability to analyze diamonds using AGS, GIA, IGI and other grading laboratory standards, while presenting the results both graphically as well as in a detailed report. It also provides the ability to generate cost effective, yet impressive customized Cut reports,” said Uzi Levami, Sarin’s chief executive.

“Retailers who are linked to Rapaport’s or IDEX’s diamond pricing lists, can take immediate advantage of real time pricing information. When a diamond is analyzed, the stone’s real-time price will appear on the screen, along with the current and estimated cut grades” he added.

All the services and functions offered and executed by the Diamond Assay Service take place on the ‘cloud’ and measurements are being evaluated and sent instantaneously over the internet to the user. Consequently, there is no need to install any software updates.

The cost of the Diamond Assay Service, which includes the DiaScan-S+ measuring device and the ongoing service, is only $1,500, along with a pay-per-click service plan. Previously, Sarin used to sell such equipment and software with similar technological specifications to diamond manufacturing professionals for an amount exceeding $10,000.

Another feature that is built into the Diamond Assay Service is the AGS-PGS grading software. This key feature will enable subscribers to generate an AGS ASET image of any round or princess shaped diamond.

As of September of last year, the Diamond Assay Service has been in beta testing in the United States with several wholesalers and retailers. The participating retailers in the testing phase reported, among others, that since they now had easily accessible technology to evaluate polished diamonds in minutes, they had experienced a significant increase in the amount of diamonds they were purchasing from customers.

Rick Beaulieu, owner of Springer’s Jewelers in Portland, Maine, said he viewed the Diamond Assay Service as a huge and highly profitable benefit to his business. “The Diamond Assay Service has been a home run. Never before have we been able to evaluate [so] quickly and accurately diamonds we buy from both dealers and customers. Within an instant we can determine what to do with a diamond by seeing graphically the proportions, [the] current cut grade and [the] re-cut[ting] potential as well as the price,” he stated.

“If we see an increase in dollar value by re-cutting, we send the re-cut information along with the diamond to the cutter, while [at] other times we use the information for our own reports and inventory control. We hope to expand our use of the Diamond Assay Service to the sales floor, giving confidence to both our sales team and customers by showing real-time 3D graphics, cut grades and prices,” Mr. Beaulieu added.

Sarin’s official worldwide launch of the Diamond Assay Service will take place at the upcoming Centurion Show in Scottsdale, Arizona, later this month and at the AGTA Gem Fair, in Tucson, Arizona, in early February. Sarin staff will on hand at both shows to demonstrate the Diamond Assay Service and answer questions.

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