Round Brilliant Diamonds

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular of all of the diamond shapes. This 57 facet design modernised the way diamonds were cut, thanks to Marcel Tolkowsky who created the modern brilliant cut in 1919. Making up almost 70% of total diamond sales it remains the most superior of all of the traditional diamond shapes, the round brilliant cut diamond was scientifically developed to produce the maximum brilliance out of a polished diamond.

Mark Tolkowsky scientifically calculated the exact specification for an ideally cut round brilliant diamond which still holds as the perfect standard today. Since the introduction of laser precision cutting techniques the ability to create a perfect cut diamond has greatly improved. At this same time the need for international diamond certification increased to help distinguish the different quality of cut grade between diamonds. The more precisely a round brilliant cut diamond is cut to ideal proportions the better the diamond will perform in regard to the evenness and brightness of the diamonds light scintillation.


Table Diameter: 52.4 – 57.5%
Crown Angle: 33.7 – 35.8 degrees
Pavilion Angle: 42.2 – 43.8 %
Girdle Thickness: Thin to Slightly Thick
Pavilion Height: 43%
Crown Height: 16%