RJC Announces New Chain-Of-Custody Guidelines

diamond exchangeThe Responsible Jewellery Council announced that its board had approved the Chain-of-Custody standard that will help it verify responsible sourcing claims for gold and platinum group metals.

The RJC says the new guidelines will help ensure that companies provide information on the sourcing and chain of supply for its products.

The CoC requires businesses to segregate material that meets CoC criteria from other products in their custody. The purely voluntary venture will also require business to provide information as to the sourcing of its products.

“A highlight of the CoC standards development process has been the engagement and collaboration with related standards organizations and initiatives,” said Dr. Fiona Solomon, the RJC Standards Development Director.

“Because of the increasing focus on conflict-sensitive due diligence in the supply chain, it has been important to stay in touch with the work of related initiatives, consider connections and identify potential harmonization opportunities,” she said.

“Through these efforts, we hope that RJC’s work can help support the objectives of other initiatives and vice versa, and reduce duplication wherever possible.”

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