Rio Tinto Cuts Number of Select Diamantaire Clients

Rio TintoRio Tinto Diamonds has reduced the number of companies participating in its Select Diamantaire program for 2012. The mining group listed on its website 13 companies that will receive consistent supply from Rio Tinto’s three diamond mines – Argyle in Canada, its 60 percent stake in Diavik in Canada and its 78 percent share in Murowa in Zimbabwe. Previously, Rio Tinto supplied to 20 companies, according to Rapaport records.
The companies listed include:

•Crossworks Manufacturing Ltd. (Vancouver)
•Diambel N.V. (Antwerp)
•Dianco B.V.B.A. (Antwerp)
•Diarough N.V. (Antwerp)
•Dimexon Diamonds Ltd. (Mumbai)
•E. Schreiber, Inc. (New York)
•Gemmata N.V. (Antwerp)
•IDH Diamonds N.V. (Antwerp)
•Interjewel Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai)
•L&N Diamonds Ltd. (Israel)
•Laurelton Diamonds (Antwerp)
•Sheetal Group (Mumbai)
•Venus Jewel (Mumbai)

Spokespersons for Rio Tinto did not respond to requests for an explanation from Rapaport News. The company’s diamond production fell 15 percent to 11.7 million carats in 2011.

Rio Tinto has scheduled 10 core sales to “Select Diamantaires” in 2012 on the following dates:

Sale 1: January 16 to January 20
Sale 2: February 20 to February 24
Sale 3: March 26 to March 30
Sale 4: April 30 to May 4
Sale 5: June 11 to June 15
Sale 6: July 16 to July 20
Sale 7: August 27 to August 31
Sale 8: October 1 to October 5
Sale 9: November 5 to November 9
Sale 10: December 10 to December 14

In addition, the company has five invitation-only sales and four opt-in sales for its Diavik production during the year. Its two tender sales are scheduled for April 11 to April 24 and October 10 to October 23.

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