Rapaport – Pear Shapes: Fine Cut, In Hundreds U.S. $ Per Carat

Fancy market improving as price differentials from rounds increases demand and reduces supply. Price conscious consumers are moving to fancies as their prices are much lower than rounds. Price differentials also encouraged cutters to manufacture rounds instead of fancies in 2011, crating shortages of fancies. Square cuts doing better than curves (Pear Shapes, ovals, Marquise etc.). Fancy shapes remain less liquid than rounds and may trade at significantly higher discounts for medium-to-less-well-cut diamonds. Very large (5 ct.+) top quality extremely well fancies attracting some investment demand.


Rapaport prices are based on fine cut, well-shaped diamonds.

Poorly cut or shaped stones often trade at very large discounts.

Princess Cuts: Good demand in U.S. and China for smaller sizes. Fair Indian demand for sizes above 0.5 ct
Emerald Cuts: Emerald Cuts popular in larger sizes.
Cushions: U.S. demand weaker than before. Square and brilliant cushions going popularity in Far East
Asschers and Radiants: Low demand relative to other shapes. Radiants improving.
Marquise: Good Indian demand for smaller sizes below 0.50 ct set in jewelry. Discounts in line with Pears.
Ovals: Good demand
Hearts: Strong Far East demand and severe shortages for well shaped larger sizes. Demand increasing with discounts getting close to Pears.
Notice: Oversizes may trade at 5% to 15% premiums over similar quality straight size.
Oversizes are (0.60 – 0.69), (0.80 – 0.89), (0.96 – 0.99), (1.30 – 1.49), (1.75 – 1.99), (2.50+), & (5.50).

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