Personalized Consultations

Personalised Consultations for Diamond Engagement Rings

We believe every client is important and for such an important purchase it is essential to spend the time with our clients so that we can understand their requirements. As conscious diamond sellers wherever possible Diamond Jewellery Consultants encourage our clients to book a personalised consultation with one of our consultants to go through the education process before buying their diamond. In the comfort of our Brisbane, Cleveland diamond jewellery studio we provide a non-biased educational service on diamond selection and jewellery design. We do not sell any pre-made products, every piece sold by Diamond Jewellery Consultants is designed and manufactured personally for each of our clients. We believe in taking a more dynamic approach to selling diamond engagement rings which is ideal for discerning customers who care about quality and value. We assist our clients with selecting a diamond of the quality that will be the most suitable for their own personal requirements so that they will never be disappointed with their purchase and never pay any more than necessary.

One-on-one diamond education

In our private consultation showroom we assists our clients one-on-one with diamond education to discover which diamond will be the best quality diamond for their own personal requirements. Depending on the progress of your diamond search a general consultation will take between one and two hour. To understand which diamond will be best for your needs requires knowledge of all of your options and knowing all of your options will mean that you can make an informed decision. Once you have been through the diamond education process and selected a quality we then help you develop the design of your engagement ring around your selected diamonds.

Unlike a traditional jewellery store who will try and sell you their stock diamond rings or make you believe that their quality range of diamonds is the best selection. Diamond Jewellery Consultants will clear the confusion to diamond selection giving you all of the relevant information so that you can make a confident informed decision when choosing you diamond. There is a multitude of diamond quality options and none are particularly wrong, the key is to work out where your priorities are and choose a diamond based on your own requirements once you have all of the required knowledge. A consultant can offer you advice but at the end of the sales process it should be your decision. With an inventory of over one million diamonds, Diamond Jewellery Consultants have the resources to provide you with the perfect diamond for you.

Consultations at our office or yours seven days and evenings

Diamond Jewellery Consultants understand that your time is valuable and it can be difficult to find the time to visit several retail stores to gather information. As well as our Cleveland consultation showroom we offer clients the option to receive a complementary in home or office personalised diamond consultation at a time that is convenient to you. We offer this service within business hours as well as evenings and weekends.