OGI Launches New Marker HD System

OGI Systems Ltd., the leading global company for technological solutions to the diamond industry, is proud to announce the launch of a new product joining its series of HD technology products.

SCANOX Marker HD is a unique product created with a high resolution technology developed in our labs. OGI Systems Ltd., is a pioneer in the development of systems for measuring diamonds using this technology.

SCANOX Marker HD is characterized with rapid performance and an exceptional capability to locate and mark pique in diamonds. This innovative technology increases performance in the different working stages: Measuring, planning and laser marking. This system includes an innovative and precise camera, sharp lens and smart light.

In light of this new technological achievement displayed in this new product, we are glad to announce a new policy, in which customers who currently own our Laser Marking System are invited to upgrade their instrument to the new technology in a reduced price.

In addition, Daniel Benjano, the chief executive of OGI Systems Ltd., announce that in line with his vision of leading the creation of technologies and products assisting the advancement of the diamonds industry, OGI will soon launch a unique and ground-breaking product that will revolutionize the industry’s production world.

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