Net Exports Of Polished Diamonds In Belgium Drops

Imports of polished diamonds by Belgium leaped in February, though only by value, IDEX Online reported. The volume of imports has declined compared to February 2011, as have net exports.

diamondAccording to IDEX Online, gross polished diamond exports increased modestly in February, up 4.3% to $1.37 billion. The report, which cited data released by the AWDC, also said that the volume of exports has declined 15.4% to 0.66 million carats.

The average value of gross exports increased accordingly to $2,095.15 per carat, IDEX Online reported.

Imports leaped 41.2% to $1.25 billion, while the volume declined 3.9% to 0.6 million carats, according to IDEX Online. The average value of imports stood at $2,070.20 per carat in February.

Net exports amounted to 52,400 carats worth $124.8 million averaging $2,382.17 per carat. Compared to February of last year, this is a 64.4% decline in volume and 71.2% decline in value.

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