Marquise Cut Diamonds

Created for the Marquise de Pompadour this diamond is a 57 faceted modification of the round brilliant cut diamond. The marquise shape is often crafted when the rough diamond is a partial, elongated crystal. Where it would be inefficient to cut a round shape diamond the marquise shape maximises the carat weight that is returned out of the rough stone. Due to the style of cut the marquise has some great advantages, the pointed ends help make the diamond look very with a high surface area to weight ratio and has a much cheaper price per carat than the round brilliant cut diamond. The only disadvantage to this style of cut is the “bow tie” which is a shadowed effect that occurs in a bow tie shape from the centre of the diamond across the stone to the outside if the short edge. This characteristic occurs to some extent in all marquise and pear shape diamonds but can very in its strength for quite subtle to very distinct. The proportions of the marquise are quite flexible and will greatly affect the visual style of ring the diamond is set into, the most pleasing of proportions is considered from 1:1.75 – 1:2.