Malca-Amit Antwerp Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The Belgium diamond industry turned out in force to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Malca-Amit Antwerp. Since 1981, Malca-Amit Antwerp has been providing Belgium and the international diamond industry with secured logistical services spanning the globe. Today the company stands at the forefront in international secured logistics providing logistical solutions and added value services for high-value commodities industries. In 2010, the company moved over $50 billion worth of high-value commodities.

Addressing the audience of some of Antwerp’s leading diamond industry players, along with elected officials including Antwerp’s vice mayor, Luc Van Campenhout, master diamond cutter Gabriel Tolkowsky and AWDC’s president Nishit Parikh; Patrick Janssens, the mayor of Antwerp, noted that, “Antwerp is the capital of the world’s diamond industry and Malca-Amit is a world leader in valuable transportation – the perfect combination.”

During the evening’s celebrations, Gabriel Tolkowsky was forthcoming with his opinion about the role and importance Malca-Amit plays in the industry. “Patience, they have incredible patience. You speak to Malca-Amit and they listen, understand and provide solutions. A fabulous company with a fabulous team.”

Congratulations also rolled in from Parikh, who said, “Logistics are crucial to the diamond business. We are a competitive business and our goods have to transverse the world at a competitive pace. Without fool proof logistics, our business would not be competitive. We rely upon Malca-Amit services everyday. They don’t just provide shipping solutions, they provide diamond dealers with the comfort that their shipments will reach their destination in time and secure.”

Israel Diamond Exchange’s president, Yair Sahar, sent a congratulatory video message commenting, ”Malca-Amit has been the bridge cementing the relationship between the Israel and Belgium diamond industries.”

Providing a global overview of Malca-Amit’s international operations, the group’s chief executive, Nigel Paxman, noted that Malca-Amit first opened its doors in 1963 providing typing and document fulfillment services for the valuable cargo industry in Tel Aviv, but it wasn’t until 1981, when the company opened branches in Antwerp and New York, that the global Malca-Amit network was established.

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