M.A. Services Belgium Launches New Secured Transportation Fleet

Effective immediately, M.A. Services BVBA, part of the Malca-Amit Group of companies and a brand new fleet of state-of-the-art armored trucks is providing Belgium’s high valuable cargo industries with an unprecedented level of service, flexibility and capability for the secured transportation of precious goods. The exclusive fleet of armored trucks has been designed to an unsurpassed level of exacting specifications, with cutting-edge security systems and tracking devices ensuring movements are under constant surveillance.

malca amitThe fleet includes secured vehicles specially adapted to providing optimum conditions for the transportation of fine art including: Paintings, sculpture, ceramics and decorative art. Features include a specialized humidity and air-conditioning system ensuring objects can be transported at specified and stable temperatures, along with a storage system designed specifically for the protection of objets d’art as well as a trolley system featuring pneumatic tiers to safely and securely hold paintings.

M.A. Services ensures Belgium’s diamonds, jewelry, fine arts, precious metals and precious cargo industries are covered with a secure transport provider serving businesses around the clock. During the past several years, strikes and related shut-downs paralyzing secured ground transportation have caused disruption and loss of revenue for those transporting high valuable goods. With a team of experts and experienced professionals dedicated to serving Belgium’s precious goods industries, M.A. Services provides focused, reliable, independent and flexible logistical solutions enabling companies to achieve maximum transportation efficiency 24/7.

Since 1963, Malca-Amit has been delivering absolute peace of mind to companies while their precious cargo is in transit. With a network of offices, partners and affiliates in 31 countries, Malca-Amit provides a basket of products tailored for the exacting and unique requirements of the diamonds, jewelry and precious assets trade.

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