Lugaro Jewellers Displays Special Pink Diamond from Victor Mine

Lugaro Jewellers, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary serving Western Canada, is displaying a 2.75-carat pink diamond at its Park Royal, West Vancouver retail location. The diamond originated from the Victor mine in Ontario, was cut and polished into an oval by Crossworks Manufacturing, set into an 18-karat white gold ring setting and surrounded by small pink and white diamonds by designer Simon G.

”Canadian diamonds resonate with our clients and we are excited to have one of the rarest of them all, a pink diamond like no other,” said Steve Agopian, the president of Lugaro Jewellers. ”This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and to be part of the legacy of Canada’s first pink diamond is quite an honor.”

The diamond was graded SI and described as natural light pink by the Gemological Institute of America, and the ring carries a price of $425,000.

”The moment we saw the rough diamond we realized we were making history,” said Dylan Dix, the spokesperson for Crossworks. ”This is a rarity that I haven’t seen over the 12 years that diamonds have been mined in Canada. It was polished in our factory in Ontario and this is a credit to both De Beers Canada and the Ontario government for supporting the secondary diamond industry in Canada.”

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