Lucara’s Botswana Diamond Mine Open for Business

diamond mineThe Lucara Diamond Corporation announced that it has begun to commission activities at one of its diamond mines in the southern African nation of Botswana, Rough & Polished reported. The company said in a statement that its Karowe diamond mine is open for business, now that processing facilities and other necessary infrastructure are in place.

Lucara reported that the front end of the plant had seen 5000 tons of ore processed thus far and that 280,000 tons of ore are stockpiled and ready to facilitate commissioning and ramp-up activities. The diamond company intends to ramp up to steady-state full production during the coming months, it said.

Lucara chief executive William Lamb stated that the company’s current target is to ‘drive towards sustainable production’ in the months ahead, according to Rough & Polished. Lucara was established in Canada and is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange as LUC.

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