Kimberley Process Warns of Fake Certificates From Cameroon

Kimberley ProcessThe Kimberley Process has warned the public regarding fake Kimberley Process certificates being circulated from Cameroon, which is not even a member country.

The Kimberley Process stated that it is aware of a number of recent incidents where traders have been presented with documents purporting to be certificates from Cameroon.

“Any document purporting to be a Kimberley Process certificate from Cameroon is a fake and should not be used,” the Kimberley Process stated. “No rough diamonds may be imported from Cameroon into the territory of any Kimberley Process participant.”

The Kimberley Process did note that Cameroon is making good progress toward becoming a member country.

The Kimberley Process will provide further notice when Cameroon has achieved participant status and is eligible to issue certificates and trade rough diamonds, according to a statement.

The organization stated that any information regarding fake certificates from Cameroon can be sent to kpcs(dot)chair(at)state(dot)gov to address the current problem.

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