‘Jewelry Artists of Quebec’ Come to New York in May

The Aaron Faber Gallery in Manhattan will host the “Innovation and Craftsmanship in Metal: Jewelry Artists of Québec” exhibition from May 3 to May 26, featuring 14 of Québec’s jewelry artists along with their work.The exhibition was created in partnership with the Québec government office in New York and SODEC, the Québec government body that promotes synergy between business and culture.

jewelry artists quebecOne of the featured designers, Claudio Pino, said, ”The 14 participating Québecois artists have audaciously redefined conventional approaches to jewelry design, with each artist’s viewpoint quite distinctly their own.”

Pino is described as a jewelry sculpturist for which his collections attest to the grandest possibilities in jewelry making. Under high magnification using special tools to achieve minute details, every surface is embellished in a three-dimensional design to offer a complete view at an any angle.

Descriptions of the 13 remaining artists follows:

Serafino, jewelry design by partners in life and art, was founded by Antonio Serafino and Annegret Morf. Serafino reflects an intermarriage of Morf’s history as an art restorer and violin maker with Serafino’s upbringing in the world of fine craftsmanship and prestigious apprenticeship with Italy’s most celebrated master jeweler. Morf succeeds in designing earrings, constructed as well-balanced mobiles for the ear, each pair distinctive with its use of gemstones, and in the whimsical detailing of her sculpted rings. Serafino’s strength is in form, his rings with abstract-cut gemstones, as interesting from a side perspective as they are when worn.

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