Jewelers Mutual Introduces Perfect Circle Insurance

A successful jewelry business depends on building strong, long-lasting customer relationships. Jewelers Mutual understands this like no other insurance company, because jewelry insurance is all they do.

Jewelers MutualThe personal jewelry insurance you trust most for your customers now has a new name and look with the same great benefits. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company is proud to introduce Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance, which makes the connection between your customers’ jewelry and their special moments with the ones they love.

Perfect Circle advantages for your business:

You’re in control of the relationship. With Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance, customers choose their own jeweler − you − for repair or replacement service (other insurers send customers away from you to jewelers in their network).

We drive customers back to you. Our online and emailed care, cleaning and safety tips continually drive customers back to you for advice, care, service and new sales.

We provide everything you need. Insurance is an important added value to your fine jewelry sale. To get started, contact Jewelers Mutual for a new guide that will help you talk to your customers about Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance as the way to safeguard their special jewelry purchases. Also request the newly updated materials for your customers, including a new Perfect Circle brochure and application, and make the new information readily available at your store. Customers may even visit for a free, no-obligation insurance quote and apply online.

Learn more today. Discover how sharing information about Perfect Circle personal jewelry insurance can help you create happier, more satisfied customers and stronger, long-lasting relationships to grow your business.

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