Japan’s Polished Diamond Imports +39% in August

Japan’s polished diamond imports rose 39 percent year on year to $63.8 million in August, Momozawa reported. The data, collected from the Finance Ministry signaled a 2 percent drop in the volume of imports to 171,733 carats during the month. The average price of the imports jumped 42 percent to $372 per carat.
Imports from India grew 41 percent to $37.4 million, while from Belgium they rose 27 percent to $8.2 million and from Hong Kong they increased 80 percent to $4.4 million.

During the first eight months of the year, Japan’s polished imports rose 14 percent to $497.1 million. The volume of goods brought in but fell 12 percent to 1.31 million carats as the average price rose 29 percent to $292.99 per carat.

Japan’s gold jewelry imports increased 17 percent to $62.7 million in August and by 10 percent to $446.7 million through the eight months of 2011. Platinum jewelry imports increased 9 percent to $57.5 million during the month and by 16 percent to $317 million for the year so far.

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