Japan’s Polished Diamond Imports +21% in March

polished DiamondJapan’s polished diamond imports rose 21 percent year on year to $73.5 million in March, ‎Momozawa reported citing the Finance Ministry. By volume, the imports fell 3 percent ‎to 147,024 carats while the average price of the goods increased 24 percent to $500 per ‎carat.

Polished diamond imports from India grew 52 percent year on year to $40.9 million, imports from Belgium rose 4.4 percent to $10.8 million, while imports from Israel rose 60 percent to 4.9 million. Polished imports from Thailand rose 12 percent to 3.9 million during the month.

During the first quarter of the year, Japan’s polished imports rose 18 percent to ‎‎$216.2 million while the volume of imports declined 18 percent to 469,082 carats.

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