Japan’s Feb. Polished Diamond Imports +40%

Polished DiamondsJapan’s polished diamond imports rose 40 percent year on year to $70.4 million, ‎Momozawa reported citing the Finance Ministry. By volume, the imports fell 22 percent ‎to 136,057 carats while the average price of the goods increased 82 percent to $518 per ‎carat. ‎

Polished diamond imports from India rose 11 percent year on year to $30.3 million, imports from ‎Belgium grew 23 percent to $12.6 million and imports from Israel increased 23 percent to ‎‎$7 million. Imports from Hong Kong rose more than 10-fold to $7.4 million. ‎

During the first two months of the year, Japan’s polished imports rose 16 percent to ‎‎$142.7 million with the volume of imports declined 23 percent to 322,058 carats. ‎

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