JA Special Delivery Show Fails to Impress Exhibitors

Visitor traffic at the three-day JA New York Special Delivery Jewelry Show at the Javits Convention Center was tepid, leading to less than impressive sales for many exhibiting companies.

”It’s slower compared to last year,” said Diana Elishaev, spokesperson for New York-based jeweler and watches wholesaler Alishaev Bros Inc. ”Sales were not so good, and I’m not happy. There just weren’t enough people coming in.”

Michal Benhan, a salesman for fine jewelry manufacturer Samuel Designs Inc., in Great Neck New York, noted that many at the show were looking to buy less expensive goods, such as smaller diamonds in H to J colors. There was requests for inexpensive bracelets, necklaces and beads made out of precious stones than there were for diamonds, gold and silver jewelry. “Most of the buyers,” Behnam added, “are international. The Hong Kong section is doing well, there are lots of Chinese buyers and sellers.”

Yet, while the Hong Kong section did fare better than most areas of the show floor, many companies were still downtrodden with slow traffic. ”The show is a little slow— it was much, much better in July,” remarked Victor Choy, sales executive for ITE jewelry Limited in Hong Kong, referring to JA’s New York Summer Show.

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