Israeli Maker Of Diamond Business Software Wins Court Ruling

diamondA Tel Aviv court ordered an Israeli software company to pay a diamond business management software firm commissions that it owed under the terms of a contract.

Aerodiam, the Israeli management software firm founded which runs a subsidiary office in the Belgian city of Antwerp, marketed the Fantasy software package in Europe on behalf of Rubinstein, but it had not received full payment as called for in the contract signed by the parties.

The ruling was handed down by Tel Aviv District Court, which ordered Rubinstein to pay Aerodiam an immediate sum of $17,350. The company is also required to produce all billings of European sales that were made from August 2000 to August 2003 so that the final amount of sales and commissions could be determined.

Aerodiam co-founder and CEO Adi Eilon initially denied that there was a formal contract signed between the two parties, but credited the company’s attorney with retrieving the contract and leading to a resolution of the case.

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