HRD Conducts Quality Control Review

hrd antwerpHRD Antwerp announced today that ”potential inconsistencies were recorded” in the laboratory of HRD Antwerp, pertaining to the implementation of ISO procedures as part of the certification of diamonds. In order to guarantee that the issue would be dealt with, HRD Antwerp immediately conducted an internal investigation and terminated the contracts of four staff members.

Following the initial investigation, on March 27 the boards of both the HRD and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) appointed a committee to oversee an internal review of the HRD Antwerp diamond lab, which is ongoing and led by an independent forensic audit team.

No further details will be disclosed in this matter, according to the HRD’s statement.

The general manager of HRD Antwerp, Georges Brys, said, ”HRD Antwerp is committed to keeping all its stakeholders informed. Meanwhile HRD Antwerp will continue to provide the usual high level of service to its clients.”

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