Half-Carat Diamond Recovered in Chidliak Sampling

A diamond weighing 0.51 carats was the largest stone recovered in the latest sampling of drill core from the CH-7 kimberlite at Peregrine Diamonds’ Chidliak Project in Nunavut, Canada, the company announced Monday.

The diamond is described as an octahedron with an off-white color.

According to Peregrine Diamonds President Brooke Clements, the sampling results – taken from almost 600 kilograms of drill core – reflect the consistently strong diamond content and coarse diamond size distribution seen in samples from all across CH-7.

“All of the diamond results to date show that this kimberlite could have a grade of at least one carat per ton, which reinforces our belief that Chidliak will be Baffin Island’s first diamond mine,” Clements stated.

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