Greece, Spain Top The Agenda At Eurozone Meeting In Brussels

Europe’s top financial officials are due to meet today for more discussions on approval for Greece’s second bailout, according to the BBC.

The group, which includes the finance ministers from the Eurozone countries as well as the president of the European Central Bank and the heads of the European Commission, are scheduled to meet in Brussels, where they are also expected to discuss Spain.

Earlier this month, Madrid announced that it would miss its deficit target of 4.4% of GDP this year, according to the BBC. The Spanish government now says that it expects the deficit to be 5.8%.

In an interview with a Spanish newspaper, Economy Minister Luis De Guindos said that he was certain the European governments would not punish Madrid for missing its target. He said that his government was making great efforts to make painful cuts in the budget, and that the EU should acknowledge these efforts.

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