Gitanjali Opens Jewelry Vending Machine at Siddhivinayak Temple

Gitanjali Group partnered with the Siddhivinayak Trust to set up a Gitanjali Jewellery Vending Machine at Mumbai’s most popular and significant temple for Lord Ganesha, the Shree Siddhivinayak temple. This event was planned for Akshay Trithya and marks the second location for Gitanjali’s self-serve kiosk in Mumbai. The new vending machine, which acts as an ATM for gold and diamonds, gives worshipers at Shree Siddhivinayak an opportunity to celebrate the season with gold coins, bars and jewelry.

Gold MachineWhile celebrating at this location today, Gitanjali’s chairmam, Mehul Choksi, said, “We got an overwhelming response from consumers after the launch of the first Gitanjali Jewellery Vending Machine and thus were keen to give Mumbai city another one-stop shop for buying medallions, coins, jewelry etc. Siddhivinayak temple is the most auspicious destination in the city for the second one; as it is not only the home for Lord Ganesha, but also attracts a large number of followers who come to the temple to get the lord’s blessings.

”So, now with Gitanjali Jewellery Vending Machine, worshippers will get a chance to offer to deity or to take home the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity from the Lord’s house,” Choksi said.

Subhash Mayekar, the chairman of the Siddhivinayak Trust, said, “We are very pleased to be associated with the Gitanjali Group. Their premier product gives worshippers a chance to purchase gold very easily. We are sure that the devotees who come to the temple in large numbers everyday will utilize this gold dispensing machine to its fullest, and we hope this will be well accepted by the masses.”

The Gitanjali Jewellery Vending Machine dispenses various designs and denominations of gold and diamond jewelry and gold and silver coins or bars. The machine stores between 300 and 400 products when full and up to 18 different jewelry designs and choices of weight. The machine displays the product’s image, details and price and offers a touch-screen interface to easily browse the offerings. Once payment is made, the machine dispenses the product along with a certificate of authenticity and a receipt. Machine security includes video surveillance, code access and compartmentalized design to ensures that the kiosk operates with minimum risk, according to Gitanjali.

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