Ghana’s PMMC Opens New Diamond Cutting Facility

pmmcThe Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC) in Ghana inaugurated its new diamond cutting and processing plant in Accra. The facility will initially employ 40, but the company expects to increase the number to 400 in the future. PMMC purchases and then exports gold and diamonds from small-scale miners, and it produces jewelry. The company was founded in 1989.

PMMC’s board chair, Kwabena Kyere, said the facility was the first phase of a larger project meant to provide neighboring diamond producing countries with facilities for rough diamond processing.

The country’s Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Mike Allen Hammah, said at the opening ceremony that the government was consolidating various policies in the mining sector to secure the continued development of a thriving mining industry by adding value-add services such as this diamond cutting plant.

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