Forevermark Launches FMX Trading Platform

Diamond brand Forevermark launched FMX, an online trading platform for its partners to buy and sell Forevermark diamonds. The resource is accessible to Forevermark’s diamantaires, manufacturers and jewelers and is operated under contract by Verichannel.

Forevermark small“The FMX platform will help ensure that every Forevermark jeweler has the ability to more efficiently source Forevermark diamonds from the inventories of all our Forevermark diamantaires,” said Charles Stanley, the president of Forevermark U.S. “FMX is the exclusive platform on which Forevermark diamonds will be listed. It is available only to authorized Forevermark partners, further protecting the integrity of the Forevermark supply chain.”

FMX operates search and filtering functions along with individual listing details on the specifics of each diamond. Diamatch™, which is a patent-pending software by Verichannel, automatically notifies users when a diamond is listed by a supplier that matches a buyer’s specific request. FMX allows authorized suppliers to upload details directly and elect to have their diamonds appear online automatically, within a few hours or less of when they are graded by the Forevermark Diamond Institute in Antwerp.

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