Facet Foundry Jewelry Studio

The Facet Foundry Jewelry Studio Inc. of North Carolina launched its e-commerce channel to expand its reach globally. Brent Messer, the owner of Facet Foundry, said that the website will better accommodate those who wish to shop anytime and from home. In addition to jewelry and accessories, Facet Foundry offers an extensive collection of hand blown glass art as well.

”By launching our ecommerce site, we hope to gain customers from all over the world. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our products, and feel that we have something to suit everyone’s interest. If our customers can’t find what they are looking for, that’s okay too—we are proud to provide our customers with our custom jewelry design service,” said Messer.

He added, ”We want our customers to experience the art of jewelry, and see our pieces as more than just a ring or bracelet. Each of our custom pieces is handcrafted and has a story. We want our customers to embrace the idea of jewelry as art rather than just an accessory piece.”

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