Colour Grade

A diamond of perfect colour is completely transparent and devoid of any colour pigment and are very rare. Diamonds can contain a slight amount of pigment before they start to visually display any tint of colour. Diamonds in the white colour grading scale range from colourless to hues of yellow or brown. To be a true white diamond that will not display any tint of yellow or brown it must have a grade between D and I.

Generally accepted as standard white are diamonds of “G or H” colour. With a quality cut they will always stand out from an average diamond while not being overshadowed by diamonds on the top tier. These two colours are a good balance for quality and budget consciousness. When size and cut start to stretch the budget an “I” colour will still give the client an acceptable result but it is on the borderline of a true white diamond. Often when the right size and cut has been achieved the best area to spend any additional money is to improve the colour. Diamonds graded from “D – F” are considered exceptionally white. When you want a diamond that will standout above all others this is the choice that will visually improve the appearance of your diamond.