Clarity Grade

Clarity is a visual judgment under magnification of the size, type and position of imperfections contained within a diamond. Diamonds are graded from internally flawless to highly visually included. Most diamonds contain some type of inclusion and the way a diamond is cut is designed to help hide these marks within the facets of the diamond. All diamond clarities graded from VVS1 – SI2 are considered to be non-visible to the naked eye and will all look exactly the same when set in a ring.

Therefore this is the best category to sacrifice in order to minimize cost and better the other qualities of the diamond.

Once viewed most clients are comfortable to purchase a diamond of VS1-SI1 clarity grade. Within these grades the inclusions can be seen by the clients under magnification without appearing unsightly or disrupting the scintillation of the diamond. A diamond with a clarity grade of SI2 is again where we consider to be a borderline decision. If the budget is being squeezed an SI2 clarity can still be fine but often a hint of the inclusion can be seen by a trained eye and is better to be avoided if you have any concerns. Clarity grades above VS1 are all very small and only increase the price because of the rarity of their occurance. Clients choosing a diamond in this range should have already chosen a diamond at their required size of top cut and colour and are looking to buy the perfect diamond where price is not a consideration in the purchase. Our suggestion for quality and budget consciousness is an SI1 clarity for round type diamonds and VS2 for square type diamonds.