Carat Weight

Of the 4 C’s carat weight is the most common place to start when choosing a diamond. When looking to buy a diamond most people will have a fair idea of the size diamond they would like their partner to wear. In most cases people will use a 1ct diamond as their reference to the size they would like to achieve. Once the client has set on a size range it is then a matter of balancing the other three grading categories to achieve that size diamond with the budget the client has nominated.

As the size of a diamond increases the price of a diamond will rise exponentially. For example if a 0.50ct diamond is $2500 then a 1.0ct diamond of the same grade will be $8000 and a 2ct diamond will be $28000. Like for all of the grades carat weight is a personal decision as to what the client feels will satisfy their expectations. When visually selecting a diamond it actually takes a difference of 0.15-0.25ct in weight to actually see a significant change in size between two diamonds. Therefore needing such a large change in size often will considerably alter the price bracket a diamond will rest in, often forcing our budget into a specific size category.

Carat Weight is actual weight and determines the size of your diamond. There are one hundred points in a carat and five carats to a gram.

As the weight of a diamond increase the price of the diamond increases exponentially. This is because the larger the diamond the rarer it is to find a stone of good gem quality.

e.g. 100 x 0.01 ct diamonds are worth considerably less than a single 1 ct diamond.