Buyer’s Guide

When buying that special piece of diamond jewellery you must first consider the type and quality of loose diamonds that are required for your customized diamond jewellery. In any purchase a budget must be set and in most diamond rings and jewellery the diamonds will make up the majority of the cost. So naturally selecting the diamond should be the place to start the buying process. By learning about correct diamond selection it will give you the knowledge to make an informed decision with you purchase. Understanding selection will make sure you correctly choose a diamond perfectly suited to your individual needs and avoiding future disappointment and most importantly saving you money.

As much as everyone would love to own a flawless perfect in every way diamond a realistic approach needs to be taken when choosing a diamond. Unlike most other precious gems, diamonds can be precisely measured and categorized into a ridgid quality and price structure using the 4 C’s of diamond grading. Once you have viewed a number of different diamonds to visually see the difference between qualities, choosing a diamond can become quite simple. By evaluating each of the 4 C’s we can balance each of these qualities to find the diamond that will match our budget and satisfy or requirements.