DTC Confirms Sightholder List

DTC BoxThe Diamond Trading Company (DTC) confirmed its list of sightholders for the 2012-2015 supplier of choice contract period. The De Beers rough distribution unit launched its website www.dtcsightholder.com over the weekend providing information about the sightholders as the new contract period effectively began on April 1, 2012.
The new sightholders will receive goods from the next sight, which is scheduled to take place on May 1.

De Beers stressed that it has enabled a more flexible supply policy during the new contract period by providing an opportunity to Diamdel clients to apply for a DTC sight.

“DTC’s new process for re-planning future intentions to offer (ITO) allocations will better reflect individual sightholder demand as demonstrated during the preceding ITO period,” De Beers explained. “This could result in future ITO allocations increasing or decreasing in line with the demand demonstrated.”

Diamdel registered bidders that purchase at least $3 million in aggregate in a particular category of rough diamonds and make at least three separate purchases across a calendar year – prorated to $2 million and at least two separate purchases for 2012 – will be invited to submit a contract proposal questionnaire, the company clarified.

De Beers expects that the first such invitations will be made toward the end of 2012. If successful, applicants will be offered an ITO of $3 million in the category concerned for the 2013-2014 ITO period starting on March 31, 2013, the company stated.

In December, DTC announced its provisional list of sightholders, which included 66 companies to receive goods at the sight in the U.K., 21 in Botswana, 13 in Namibia, 10 in South Africa, two in Canada and four sightholders that deal in industrial goods. The website lists a total of 75 sightholders with some companies receiving multiple sights in the respective locations.

While a separate list of sightholders was provided for Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Canada and industrial were provided, the 66 London sightholders were not named in a separate list. The following table provides the names of the sightholders as provided by DTC:

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