Who to Trust?

Diamonds are an expensive product and like any major purchase we need to know that we are making an informed and confident decision. There are many qualities of diamonds available to choose from and the opinion as to what to buy will also vary considerably. So how do we work out what to buy and who to buy from? It can also be very difficult to work out what is a reasonable price to pay for a diamond and how to compare prices between different suppliers.

The quality of diamonds available extend from sparkling with absolute ideal perfection to poorly cut diamonds that are dull and lifeless. This is due to the fact that diamonds are a natural product and not all rough diamonds can be cut to perfect proportions. A diamond’s quality is determined and priced almost solely on the 4 C’s

making it quite easy to compare and price similar diamonds. This is as long as they both have the same type or quality certification, which leave no question of the quality of an individual stone. This however does not help you decide what quality is correct for yourself, this is where having a good supplier is very important.

These variations in diamond quality create several different marketing levels within the market as retail stores will often specialize their services within a certain quality level. This often forms a bias towards their product when selling to a customer. As all jewellery retailers want to sell a customer their own product they will naturally try and convince the client that their diamonds are the best option available.

When shopping between several stores this can start to create confusion for the client as they start to receive conflicting options. Fortunately diamond certification can help eliminate some of this confusion created by the options of sales consultants. This however does not help you determine which diamond is correct for you.

By talking with an experienced diamond merchant they will outline an unbiased explanation of the 4 C’s of diamond grading. Just as there are all qualities of diamonds there are customers suited to each of these diamonds. It is the requirement of a good sales consultant to help a customer realize the quality diamond that will be suited to their own needs.

Diamonds are an expensive product which creates a large price variation between similar stones depending on where you are buying your diamond. Buying retail mean you can buy a ready-made product with very little effort on the customers part, however for this luxury there is an added mark up on the product and often sacrifices need to be made.

Including having little choice in the diamond used in the ring design, not knowing the quality of the manufacturing of the ring and most importantly not being able to view the diamond before it has been set into the ring. Buying a diamond wholesale is very cost effective but requires more effort from the client. Wholesale diamond merchants sell their diamonds unset and often have a greater range of diamonds that can then be set into any design the client requires.

The diamond is often the most expensive part of the engagement ring and by choosing you diamond first it mean you are spending exactly the amount you want on your engagement ring. A trustworthy sales consultant must be able to understand the needs of their client and help them select the most suitable diamond for their budget. They should be able to explain why this is the best choice for them and explain to them exactly what they are and are not getting in their diamond.

The diamond that they provide should have a reputable independent international diamond certificate and laser inscribed if the option is available. The price offered should be fair and they should be comfortable to talk about comparing their stone against another suppliers product and any question you may need answered. If you do not have confidence in you sales consultant it makes it very difficult to be confident in the purchase that you are making.