Commitment To Quality

Diamond Jewellery Consultants are merchants of loose certified diamonds and we are commited to selling only high quality white diamonds. A quality diamond does not mean it must be expensive, is simply means it should be within the standards expected of a diamond worthy of an engagement ring. It must be clearly represented by independent accerditation as to its; scintillation and cut, it must be of a face-up white colour and it should not have any visible inclusions.

The cut of a diamond is probably the most crucial aspect to purchasing a high quality diamond. Unfortunately though this is often the least emphasized quality discussed when purchasing a diamond from a retail store. Under the lights of a retail store all diamonds no matter what the cut will look fantastic. However it is when you bring a diamond away from that artificial environment that the true quality is realized.

This is a method often used to make a cheaper less expensive diamond look like a quality product. Throughout the retail sector there are many diamonds available for sale without credible certification.

Making the quality of those diamonds quite questionable and also very difficult to judge whether you are paying for what you are receiving.

At Diamond Jewellery Consultants your diamond will always look exceptional no matter what the lighting conditions. We only sell diamonds that are certified by credible laboratories, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and HRD (Antwerp Diamond High Council) of a “Very Good” or “Excellent” cut and symmetry grading. We will also never sell a diamond that we do not consider to be a true white diamond. All of our standard white diamonds are graded G-I and our exquisite whites are graded D-F for that extra special appearance.

Any diamond no matter what the shape that displays the exceptional cut and colour characteristics outlined will never show any hint of yellow or brown colouration, guaranteeing you a perfectly scintillating white diamond every time.

Diamond Jewellery Consultants are committed to selling diamonds through an unbiased opinion and without misrepresentation so there will never be any disappointment in the diamond that our clients purchase. Our sales representitives all love diamonds and understand the importance of buying a quality cut diamond. By only selling diamonds at a standard they would expect themselves, our diamonds will always outshine the expectations of our clients.