Diamonds Lab HRD Antwerp Launches Internal Probe

diamondHRD in Antwerp has launched an internal investigation of its employees, IDEX Online reported. The lab has not yet issued an official statement on what it is investigating, however four diamond graders working at the lab have already been asked to resign.

HRD managing director Georges Brys told IDEX Online that the four “may have made [grading] mistakes” during their work at the lab, however, he declined to provide any further details.

Brys, emphasizing that the investigation was an internal one, denied that there was a police investigation going on or that any arrests had been made.

On Friday afternoon, the HRD made the following announcement:

“HRD Antwerp would like to inform the industry that four diamond graders have left the company due to elements that have triggered an immediate internal ongoing investigation concerning possible inappropriate conduct.”

“HRD Antwerp is fully committed to take appropriate actions in line with the results of the internal investigation which is still ongoing.”

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