Diamonds International

Diamond Brokers Queensland are direct importers of fine quality internationally certified premium loose diamonds. Diamonds are an international product that is universally priced in $US then converted into the currency that it then resides. No matter where you buy your diamond in the world the wholesale price of the diamond will not actually change, where people believe that it is cheaper to buy a diamond overseas is in the retail price. Each country sets its own recommended retail price for diamond jewellery and this is where the difference can be noticed. The Australian RRP is quite high and if comparing the price between retail stores than buying overseas does seem like an attractive prospect. A much better option is to find a direct importer in Australia who can source you a diamond from an international manufacturer at the best possible price.

Why do Diamond Need to be Imported?

Although Australia is a large producer of mined diamonds including many fancy yellow and pink diamonds unfortunately we do not have a diamond cutting and polishing industry which is somewhat due to a lack of skilled workers and the size of the Australian diamond market. Therefore all of the polished diamonds that are in Australia must be imported from the world’s international diamond manufacturing centres. The major suppliers of cut or polished diamonds are Belgium, Israel, Russia and India.

Diamond Importers

One of the best ways to save money when purchasing a diamond is to ask your diamond merchant to order your diamond direct from the manufacturer. As the Australian diamond market is quite a small market compared to other world markets the variety and quantity of diamonds is limited, finding the perfect diamond can sometimes be difficult. Often when looking for a large or unusual quality diamond there may not even be a stone in Australia that will accurately match your requirements and ordering your diamond direct from a diamond importer will let you get the exact diamond that you are after. It will also be the cheapest way to buy a diamond as it means that it has not been held in the stock by a supplier who may be asking a higher price.

Diamond International Certification

Buying a diamond direct is now also a very secure method because of the introduction of quality international certification laboratories providing standardized grading reports to accurately describe the quality of a diamond and standardize the price structure.

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