DiamondGeezer Launches Mobile App

DiamondGeezer.com launched a mobile phone app to help U.K. shoppers buy a diamond or diamond ring. The app’s ”know your diamond” knowledge box guides consumers through the 4C’s, the diamond certification process and addresses conflict diamonds and the Kimberley Process.

Clive Billing of DiamondGeezer.com explained that more than 26 percent of the company’s business is secured or introduced through its mobile website diamondgeezer.mobi and 52 percent of emails are accessed via a mobile phone already.

”There’s some really great jewelry apps out there, however, we believe that DiamondGeezer.com’s new app –and for that matter our mobile site– go quite a bit further than other industry mobile solutions, which tend to be merely a snap-shot of designs & services,” Billing said. ”The DiamondGeezer.com mobile app is a complete e-tailing solution and not just a mobile advert. We’re definitely 4G ready and should be best placed to meet the switch from desk to mobile. These are indeed very exciting times for our company and for our industry.”

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