Diamcor Completes Initial Recovery from Krone-Endora

Diamcor Mining recovered approximately 144 carats of rough diamonds from its Krone-Endora project near the Venetia mine in South Africa. Of the diamonds recovered, six of the stones were 1-carat or larger, with the two largest being recorded at approximately 3.93 carats and 2.09 carats.

Diamcor productionThe rough diamonds were recovered in conjunction with initial testing and commissioning work completed on the x-ray flow-sort final recovery modules being installed at the project.

”The initial recovery of rough diamonds from the Krone-Endora at Venetia project represents yet another key milestone for our company,” said Diamcor’s chief executive, Dean Taylor. “With this important step now accomplished, we are focused on completing the remaining installation, testing, and commissioning work underway on the project’s processing plant and infrastructure as quickly as possible, which will allow us to further advance the project and move towards our next milestones.”

Diamcor has a strategic alliance with Tiffany & Co. for rough diamonds from the Krone-Endora project. In conjunction with a first right of refusal, Tiffany & Co. also provided the mining company with substantial financing to advance the project as quickly as possible.

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