DIAMCOR Announces Recovery Of Rough Diamonds

rough diamond-Israel Diamond InstituteDiamcor Mining announced that it has started to recover rough diamonds from the company’s Krone-Endora at Venetia project.

The rough diamonds were recovered following initial testing and commissioning work that was done on the x-ray flow-sort final recovery modules that are now being installed at the project.

Diamcor said it had recovered 1,877 individual rough diamonds that weigh a total of 143.96 carats. This sum represents 30% of the estimated 10 tons of unprocessed concentrate that the company bought from diamond giant De Beers.

Of the diamonds recovered, six of the individual stones were 1.0 carat or larger in size, with the two largest being recorded at approximately 3.93 carats and 2.09 carats respectively, Diamcor announced.

The acquired concentrate processed and used for this testing was a by-product of exploration and bulk sampling efforts previously completed by De Beers, and was recovered from various depths and areas in and around the K1, K3, and confluence areas of the project.

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